Pokemon Dream Radar Review

The Pokémon Dream Radar is a new side series game released through the Nintendo eShop for $2.99USD.  Taking advantage of the 3DS’s gyroscope feature, this game is a brand new concept in the Pokémon series.  It is very rare to find a side series game that allows you interact directly with the other Pokémon games from that generation, and this is the first one that doesn’t require you to have another system to connect them (Assuming you have a 3DS).  Also a first for this game is the ability for a Generation V game to recognize a Generation IV cartridge, also allowing you to collect special Pokémon when they are inserted into your 3DS.  Previously this was impossible due to the fact that both generations are made for Nintendo DS and the DS has only one cartridge slot.  Pokémon Dream Radar is a point-and-shoot game that allows you to catch many Pokemon from the new extended Unova Pokédex as well as the new therian formes of Tornadus, Thunderus, and Landorus and send them back to your copy of Black 2 or White 2.

Pokemon Dream Radar

Is this game worth it though?  You can get the new versions of the Kami Trio using an in game item if you trade them from Pokémon Black or White, and since all the other Pokémon are part of the regional Pokédex, they can all be gotten in game as well.  However, every Pokémon received in the Dream Radar will have its hidden ability if it has one.  Previously, you could only get a Pokémon with its hidden ability if it was able to be caught in the Pokémon Dream World, so this makes it much easier to obtain those abilities.  Also, if you have a copy of Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver in your 3DS while using the Dream Radar, you can capture their mascot Pokémon, which is something you cannot do in Pokémon Black 2 or White 2.  As for the game play, it is actually quite fun.  Because of the controls, it does require a little bit of hand-eye coordination, however once you’ve learned how to aim you will find yourself having a blast trying to capture these Pokémon.

Long story short, as long as you are willing to drop $3 on this game you’ll have a great time with it; considering how Pokémon Black 2 and White 2 are only $35 while most other DS titles are $40, this should be a no brainer.  Pokémon Dream Radar has found a way to change the side series games forever, and I personally hope Gamefreak will continue to improve on what they accomplished with this title.


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