Possible Leaked Documents Reveal Xbox 720 Details, Lawyers Remove Them

Sometime last week some unconfirmed documents were said to have made their way out of Microsoft that revealed their plans for the next five years. These documents revealed pricing, features and tons of other information for the Xbox 720, and an Xbox tablet among other things. The documents were uploaded by an anonymous user and posted to scribd.com and have since been removed by Covington & Burling LLP which are the legal counsel for Microsoft.

Along with this new Xbox 720 the documents revealed a new Kinect sensor that can accept input from up to four players, the current Kinect only supports two people. The Xbox 720 is also supposed to include a blu-ray drive and really looks to focus on tablet integration. The Xbox 720 is set to release in a Kinect 2 bundle for a holiday 2013 release for $299.

Now the specs of the Xbox 720 have caused quite a bit of commotion of those in the industry, The spec sheet says that the system will operate on somewhere between six and eight ARM/Intel X86 cores running at 2Ghz wit 4Gb of memory. This comes as a surprise to a lot of people because the ARM processors are meant for netbooks and tablets and consoles have never used anything but extremely customized processors meant specifically for consoles.

Arthur Gies, Reviews Editor of Polygon had this to say on the subject of the ARM processor’s in the Xbox 720.

The next Xbox will feature 3 powerPC cores for full backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games. These specs equal a new console that is six to eight times more powerful than the current hardware of the Xbox 360. Microsoft looks to be the only device you will ever need by acting as a media hub that will be able to record television shows in the background with a seperate dual-core cluster of processors to handle the workload without affecting gaming performance.

Along with the upgraded Kinect functionality to be able to detect four players, it will also come equipped with a more accurate camera, higher quality microphone. The next Kinect sensor is said to be able to function while sitting down, although this was already seen at E3.

One of the most surprising things about these documents is the referencing to the Xbox 720 being Microsoft’s last physical console and eludes to Cloud gaming as the future and even mentions that they are looking at acquiring the current streaming gaming company OnLive. The documents say that they are moving to cloud gaming so you will never have to buy another console.

There are a few things in these documents that could happen and would make sense but I cannot agree with the ARM Processor’s, the PowerPC processors and having any sort of connection with set top boxes to record television shows.

We did manage to get a few images before the documents were removed, check em out.

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