RFModz Retrofit Controller Mod Review

Throughout my gaming career I’ve been an honest person. I have never knowingly or intentionally cheated, or done anything to give myself an unfair advantage against those I was playing against in games like Gears of War and Call of Duty. But not all people are like me. There is a whole community out there who like to cheat at video games. They mod their consoles, find glitches, and find ways to better their scores.  I’ve always been looking for a way to turn things in my favor, and until recently I’ve never had the tools. Well with the RFModz Retrofit controller modification now I do.

Brian Joy, owner and creator of RFModz (www.rfmodz.com) has been working since 2008 on his own set of mods that look to give you a bit of a competitive advantage on the online battlefields of shooting games. RFModz started out with their original rapid fire controller that takes guns like pistols and semi-automatic fire rifles and turns them into automatic weapons. But everyone knows about these. Brian didn’t stop there. He developed a brand new mod which he calls the “Retrofit”. This controller mod expands the capabilities of a rapid fire modded controller tenfold by adding a bunch of interesting new features that makes this controller the one to get.

I want to note that I have never used any other modded controllers, I understand them in theory, but this is my first time using a modded controller.

First thing you notice about these controllers is that they look a little different from your standard white or black Xbox 360 controllers. The controller I received came with a metallic red faceplate with golden face buttons, golden D-pad, and a golden guide button.  There are many other customizations that can be bought at Rfmodz.com.

RFModz Xbox 360 controller mod
The Retrofit mod with all the lights on.

Upon closer inspection you see a few things that aren’t included on your standard controllers. Two clear bumps protrude slightly from the bottom of the controller to the left and right of the microphone port. And on the back of the controller where your middle fingers usually rest live two small black buttons. Upon pressing these buttons the two clear bumps at the bottom of the controller light up. These lights tell you which modes of the mod you are in (which will be explained later). After syncing the controller to your console you notice another change, the ring of light on the controller is no longer green, but has been replaced with red LED’s. Brian has been working hard to make controllers that not only perform well, but that look cool and I’d say he’s done a solid job. After showing a few friends the controller they wanted to know where I had gotten it and how they could get their hands on one.

The performance and functions reign supreme in the modding community and spoiler alert, the Retrofit doesn’t disappoint. What makes Brian’s controllers unique is that they feature what he calls a “dual stage trigger”. This basically means that the trigger is completely normal and performs normal functions until you fully depress the trigger and hit the hidden button. You will feel a small click when you reach the bottom of the trigger press. The two buttons on the back of the controller that I referenced earlier are used to trigger the different modes of the mod that make up the Retrofit. The button on the right side is the rapid fire mode. This button does what most of the modded controllers out there do; turn semi automatic rifles into automatic rifles. It works just how you would expect it to but is only triggered when the trigger is fully depressed. This mode is indicated by a red light on the right side. The left side button on the back of the controller is where it gets interesting. This button controls three different modes, Left trigger Rapid fire, Quick scope mode, and Burst mode. One press brings up Rapid fire mode which does the same thing that the rapid fire mode for the right trigger does, but just on the left trigger. This is useful for akimbo pistols. This is indicated by a red light on the left side. Two presses enables Quick scope mode. This allows you to fire regular weapons with the left trigger. This is especially useful for…wait for it…Quick scoping! The trigger performs its normal duties of scoping in, but when you fully depress the trigger it fires a bullet. This is also very useful in combination with right trigger rapid fire and the FAL in Call of Duty to make it easier to scope in and shoot rapid fire. This is indicated by a green light. The third mode is Burst mode. This mode allows you to make automatic weapons into burst fire guns which increases your accuracy and saves bullets. The button on the back of the controller cycles through these three modes while the one on the right is only a rapid fire toggle. The rapid fire toggle can be either on or off for each of the three modes on the left. (I know this sounds a little confusing, but you’ll figure it out.)This mode is indicated by an orange light on the left side.

Phew, that was a lot of instruction. But it’s a mod that has a lot to offer.

RFModz retrofit controller mod
The Retrofit mod with the lights off.

The controller also features the ability to customize each mode even more, like how many bullets are released on the burst, the timing of when you scope and fire for quick scope mode and even the rate of the rapidfire. So you can tune it to work exactly how you like it. Each controller comes with a more in depth guide on how to fine tune all of these modes.

The pricing ranges a bit for what you want your controller to look like. The mod can be applied to the regular wireless controllers or even the new transforming D-pad controllers. The latter will obviously be a little more expensive. The standard controllers range from $69.95 to $74.95 and the pricing for the transforming D-pad controllers have not yet been released.


When I originally got my hands on this controller, it took me a day or two to fully understand all of the features and how to tune the quick scope and burst modes. But after those two days I can use the controller and navigate through the modes that I need quickly and easily. These controllers are no longer the controllers that need to be hidden, they are meant to be shown off. So they look nice, and perform even better. If you’ve been considering any modded controllers, make sure you check out the Retrofit mod only available at RFModz.com



We are going to be giving away the one of the RFModz Retrofit modded controllers away. The one pictured above will be given away to one lucky winner.

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3. Sit back and wait to see if you’re a winner.


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