Rollercoaster Tycoon Is Coming to 3DS

Fuck yeah it is. Rollercoaster Tycoon is probably one of my favorite series of games of all time. Like, how can it not be? I mean, the third one might be understandable because it changed the graphics style completely, but it still kicked ass. I spent hours upon hours building the best theme parks this planet has ever fucking seen. Like rollercoasters going through OTHER rollercoasters and shit so the riders can high five? I don’t know why I’m not an architect by now because of that game. Let’s not even mention digging a guest ditch in the back of your park so guests that didn’t like it got to sit a dirt pit for a while to think about what they did until your god tweezers of justice threw them in the drink. I’m getting off topic here because I’m so pumped. It doesn’t come out until March, but I mean this shit is awesome. It’s built from the ground up for 3DS and is going to take advantage of what the system can do; AKA using the touch screen to your advantage and being able to test out the rides in 3D yourself. Based on a leaked screenshot from Nintendo Power below, it’s definitely going back to the 1 & 2 graphics style but you can tell it’ll work well with the 3D. More screens to come as soon as the Nintendo Power is released. AUN.

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