Rumor Roundup: The Next Xbox

Well here we are, at least a full year away from an announcement for Microsoft’s new Xbox console and we’re already hearing rumors. Well there’s tons of articles out there, but let’s keep them all in one central location. 

The Bros over at Kotaku have gotten some inside sources that say tons of stuff about the new Xbox, let’s see about that.

First on the list is that Microsoft will upgrade the disc technology to Blu-Ray. Sony has had Blu-Ray playback and has always been a point held over the Xbox’s head, but no longer will that be the case. This is definitely something I can get behind and isn’t such a far fetched idea, the prices of technologies go down as time goes on and when it comes time for the new Xbox the Blu-Ray drives should be cheap enough for them. This gets my seal of approval.

Second, Microsoft intends to enforce some sort of anti-used game system on the next Xbox console. NO NO NO. This is one of the dumbest things I’ve EVER heard for a rumor. Console manufacturers do not give a flying fuck whether your game are new or used. They want people buying their consoles and using them as much as possible. It is more likely that the next Xbox console will come with a 50 foot reanimated tyrannosaurus rex. Kill whoever said this with fire.

Three, Microsoft plans for the new Xbox to ship with the new version of Kinect that would have an on-board processor to enable the Kinect to more effectively detect users’ motions. This could happen, but I’m going to say that it’s going to be like the Xbox 360 Sku’s where there will be ones without the Kinect and those with it. So yeah, there will probably be a new Kinect sensor, but no it won’t be included in every Sku.

Fourth, Microsoft plans to make a smaller controller for the new console. The original Xbox’s controller was ridiculously large; there were better third party controllers. The Xbox 360’s controller was perfect. I have never heard anyone having a problem with the current controller’s size. Sony has not changed their controller’s size and basic shape and I see Microsoft continuing the excellence of their controller. Sure we’ll see new features, but the controller will remain basically the same.

IGN reported that the new console could be six times more powerful than the Xbox 360. Microsoft has estimated eight times the power of the 360. Okay, most likely yes, the console will be much more powerful than the Xbox 360. That is how technology works, everything gets faster.


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