Saints Row: The Third Is The Last Game You Will Ever Buy (Gameplay Video)

Like, seriously. Everybody just pack it in. It’s all over. Once Saints Row: The Third drops on November 15th, 2011, the gaming industry will need to continue no more. This is the DEFINITION of AUN. Literally all you need. All of it. Everything. Check the gameplay trailer below if you don’t believe me. And you can do this shit with your friends too? Game over, man. Dildo bats? Boxing fists that explode human beings? AIRSTRIKES? Giving random pedestrians stone cold stunnahs? Flying jets around the city while dressed as a spaceman? Blowing people and then yourself out of a human cannon mounted on top of a car? OH, ALL THAT AND SO MUCH MORE IS IN THE TRAILER. We’re done.


About The Author: Brett

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