Say Hello To The Xbox One: The Next Generation

It’s name is the Xbox ONE!

And they SHOWED the system. And frankly, it looks fantastic! The controller is super nice, the system is all blocky and sexy lookin’, even the Kinect got a suave upgrade! It’s cloud based!


The new dashboard looks relatively the same, but is now based on different things. The user also said “Xbox on” to turn on the Xbox One. There is now a trending title.

“Xbox, watch TV.” Your Xbox One will be able to watch live TV.

Instant switching. “Xbox, watch TV.” “Xbox, play game.” “Xbox, watch movie.” By one command, you’ll be able to swap between all the different things you can do with your Xbox.

New gestures lets you easily get back to your homepage. No more exiting to the dashboard.

Snap Mode for the Xbox. Run multiple programs alongside each other without having to shut them down.  You can switch to your game or movie like it’s a TV channel.

Skype on Xbox One. Widescreen HD with best living room camera available. You can do group video calls as well. “Xbox, answer call.” You can see the video feed alongside whatever it is you’re doing on the Xbox. “Skype, end call.”

ESPN works seamlessly with ESPN Fantasy. Everything using voice controls, of course.

The Xbox One Guide. “Xbox, show the guide.” Voice control search and navigation, favorites, and trending. You see all your local TV listings right through the Xbox and can control it using the Kinect. No more hunting for a remote control.

Xbox Favorites. The favorites area lets you see all your favorite shows through pinning them. Trending lets you see what people all across the Xbox Community are watching and what is popular.

500GB HDD, 8GB RAM, Wi Fi Direct, a blu ray drive!

New Kinect sensor will come with every Xbox One. Completely redesigned for Xbox One.

The new Xbox Live is more personal and intelligent. More than 300,000 servers will power Xbox Live on Xbox One. There are currently 15,000 for Xbox 360. Everything is stored in a cloud.

A dedicated game DVR to capture all of your best gaming moments, along with a built from the ground up footage editor. Everything uploaded to a cloud, naturally.

Bigger matches with more player capacity.

EA comes out to show off the new EA Sports. EA’s new gaming engine, EA Sports Ignite. Designed specifically to help “blur the line between real and virtual.” This new engine is designed to bring advanced human intelligence, instinct, environment, player motion, living worlds. The first game footage of these new sports titles looks really, really good.

Forza Motorsport 5. And boy, it looks damn impressive.

Quantum Break. New game/live action hybrid announced. More new titles in development now than ever in Xbox’s history. 15 exclusives will launch in year one. 8 of which are brand new franchises.

A live action Halo television series has been announced. Between 343 industries, Xbox, and Mr. Steven Spielberg. Whoa.

Xbox announced partnership with NFL.  You will be able to live broadcast games, see your fantasy stats go up in real time, and then obviously call your friend via Skype to talk shit.

Xbox One launches this year.

Call of Duty Ghosts is shown off as the first next gen CoD. Steven Gaghan, who won an Oscar for Traffic, wrote the story. A DOG IS PART OF YOUR TEAM. America is in ruins and you need to fight back. Dynamic maps in multiplayer. Doors, explosive traps, earthquakes, floods. Character customization for your soldier. I have to say that I love the campaigns and this one looks really, really great.

End of the conference. No hard release or price, but hey, E3 is 19 days away.



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