ScootMcBoot’s Weekly League of Legends Video Roundup 2

Hey everyone! ScootMcBoot back with my Weekly League of Legends Video Round Up.

So, a lot’s happened since last week; the giant pre-season patch (3.14) hit, and League as we know it has drastically changed. For those of you who played last year when the season 3 changes went into effect, you’ll remember what a mess solo queue was for the first couple weeks (read: 5-man AD assassin-teams stacking as many black cleavers as possible). Well the changes for this season are even more drastic this time around, but one new feature that everyone agrees is amazing is the new “One for All” game mode. Now you can play a game of summoner’s rift with a team of 5 of the same champion- but the enemy team might happen to choose the same champ as well. This, of course, is when maximum hilarity ensues. As a result of this new game mode there are a million-and-one hilarious videos showing off combos and interactions never possible before.

Baron Experiences the Thunder’s Road

Here’s a video of 10 Volibears in the new “One for All” mode fighting baron. They all activate their ultimate “Thunder Claws” and make a lighting filled mess out of Baron Nashor.

There’s so many great “One for All” videos I just had to throw in another.. this one sort of defies explanation, you’ll just have to watch:

Actual 1v5 Pentakill (with Riven Obviously)

Here’s some random Korean solo-queue streamer who manages to pull off a legitimate 1v5 pentakill. No help from teammates, no 5 people at >10% hp fighting Baron. This Riven gets jumped by a 4 man goon-squad which quickly turns into 5 when Vi comes ulting in. It’s hard to tell due to the poor video quality, but it looks like most of the enemy team is level 7ish to Riven’s level 13. A rank 2 ult, a Brutalizer, and a Bloodthirster were all Riven needed to pull this one out, apparently. No matter how impressive this play may or may not be, it is an actual 1v5 pentakill so… the conversation kinda ends there. Oh, also Riven is the best right now.

Plat V Mordekaiser Proves Why he Es Numero Uno HueHueHueHue

This one is a cute little video of an extreme solo queue derp. Morde is most certainly number uno- no one is here to dispute that… but this is just a terrible play on Morde’s part. It’s always nice to get a little chuckle from others’ terrible play, especially when that player is skilled enough to have reached Plat V. Bonus points for the completely useless Elise flash.

“Don’t Need No Burby” and other Dunkey Sillyness

This one is Dunkey’s latest League video. Not his best, but it’s Dunkey through and through. Silly singing, terrible League derping, and awful puns – yes please. In case you don’t know, Dunkey’s pretty well known in the community for making probably the funniest League videos around and they come out fairly regularly. Feel free to go to his YouTube channel, sort by most popular, and just go down the list – you can thank me later.

Turtle the Cat

Wild Turtle took the North America LCS by storm last season by replacing TSM’s long time AD carry (marksman) Chaox and proceeded to prove himself one of the best, if not the best, ADC in America. Here’s a nice little montage someone made of some professional matches mixed in with some solo queue games. With the advent and swelling popularity of streaming, there’s aren’t too many of these montage/compilation style videos for League of Legends, but as an old WoW player these kinds of videos really take me back.

Thanks everyone and make sure to check in later this week for my breakdown of IEM Cologne and for more League of Legends Video Roundups.

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