ScootMcBoot’s Weekly League of Legends Video Roundup 3

I Wonder if Kha’Zix is Doing Blue Right Now?
This TF gets a little more than he bargained for (in the best possible way) when he throws a random wild card at the enemy Khazix’s blue buff. Getting a free blue buff AND a kill means that a celebration is in order. A little silly editing and perfect music selection make this one of my favorite videos in quite some time.

If you hate Lee Sin, it’s for this exact reason. If you love Lee Sin, it’s… for this exact reason. You might be of opinion that you’d rather Lee Sin be removed from the game than to ever have to deal with this kind of bullshit again – but you can’t deny this is a pretty sick play.

Dat Smooth Baritone Tho
Not all of these videos can be filled with HaHaLolz guys, let’s take a moment to learn something. This guy does a ton of great, informative videos breaking down what the different classes of champions do for people who are new to LoL. They might not be applicable to everyone, but you could probably learn something about a role you’re not particularly familiar with. Plus he has one of those stereotypical radio announcer voices and makes the dialogue at least mildly amusing. I like what he’s doing here and hope he makes more videos along these lines.

Everybody Derps
This is a video of a Diamond 1 ranked game. The Zed in this video does some very impressive Zed-things to score a Quadra kill, and then COMPLETELY derps trying to get over the wall to the dragon pit, causing him to die for no reason. This video is funny because of the perfectly flopped, otherwise amazing, play – but it’s also informative! It’s informative because it’s important to remember that everybody derps, even in Diamond 1, even in Challenger, even in LCS, everybody derps. Let this video serve as an important life lesson and think about it the next time you go to tare into some dude who messed up on your team.

The Thresh Prince
Wow that’s some impressive Thresh play, wait does that support Thresh have a T-Force? You bet he does, welcome to pre-Season 4 gentlemen and ladies. If you didn’t notice that this Thresh had a T-Force that’s okay, because it looks like the enemy team didn’t either as they chased him into their own deaths. I like videos that start out good and just get better as they go along, and this video certainly fits into that category.

Bonus Video
Watch this if you are naive enough to look onto the Faker God himself. This guy does things with Riven that just don’t seem possible, but certainly are.

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