Skyrim Lets Two Bros or Two Chicks Get Hitched, Apparently News

This fucking news story has been blowing up my twitter all day. Like, are we serious? HO MAN IT’S SO EDGY. SAME SEX MARRIAGE IN VIDYA GAMES. Like, I’m not saying, “who cares?” But…who cares? Why is this even news? Anyone ever played a game called FABLE? It came out in 2004 and let you do just this. OH, and if I recall, it let you bone as two dudes/chicks as well. Like straight up softcore circa 2004. Don’t get all preachy with me and tell me I’m heartless, because I’m not and you have the wrong idea. This just shouldn’t be NEWS. Understand? Why does it matter? Marry whoever/whatever the hell you want. This is one of the most popular news stories today, meanwhile the fucking GAME FUEL is coming back to shelves and literally NOBODY sheds a tear of joy. Heartless world we live in.

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