Sniper Elite 3 Impressions

On PAX Saturday, I had the pleasure to get my hands on an hour long demo of Sniper Elite 3, the third entry in the series coming from publisher 505 Games and developer Rebellion.

I’m definitely a shooter guy. It’s what I love and I’m good at it. While the Sniper Elite series is traditionally a shooter, it slows the pace down tenfold. It’s not about sprinting through levels gunning down as many as you can (I mean, you’re welcome to try, but you’re going to fail). It’s about picking the best hiding spots, waiting for the right moment, and pulling the trigger. I think this is why I fell in love with the excellent Sniper Elite V2 so much. Combining the excellent stealth mechanics with a very realist look at a sniper’s duty made it a very underrated title. I was more than happy to find out a third title was in the works.

In my appointment, I played a campaign level called Hellfire Pass. I was very excited to find out that these enormous levels (no seriously, they’re enormous) could all be played co-op as well. One thing I was pleasantly surprised to learn was that this one was not only coming to PC, Xbox 360, and PS3, but also Xbox One and Playstation 4. This definitely shined through in the demo as the game looks absolutely beautiful.

To start the demo, I had to get the “twitch shooter” out of my system and ran in without even thinking. This resulted in me getting lit up by several different enemies. Oops. The binoculars return for the excellent “tagging” system from V2. Another thing that I noticed as a big change is that health is now in various “chunks.” In V2, you could simply run away and wait for it to regenerate. It’s nice to see a change in this system in order for an increase in difficulty. This is all a result from the community feedback surrounding the Sniper Elite fanbase. You’re also able to tweak the user interface for increase difficulty.

I definitely noticed an enormous increase in the enemy AI. As soon as a shot is fired, they will duck and cover. There is also officers. If you take them down, the soldiers below him will become much more disorganized.

Like I said earlier, the levels are ENORMOUS. When I held down the map button and saw just this one level, I couldn’t believe it. On this one map, there were three different objectives you needed to complete. With each new area I visited, there were more optional objectives. I was told this is consistent throughout the entire campaign.

While I was already excited at just the announcement of Sniper Elite 3, it’s quickly become one of my most anticipated releases of 2014.

About The Author: Brett

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