Not News at All: Steam E-Rapes Gamers’ Wallets

Fuck off, Steam. You know what you did. We were all there. You waited until the time was right, you watched, and then you struck. “Nooooooooo!,” shouted the millions of Steam users. The Steam holiday Winter sale was officially under way. Steam doesn’t care what you need to save. Steam knows your self control will go right out the window. Steam found all of us, used us, and left us┬ápenniless. Sure, there’s a Steam wallet where you can deposit a set number of funds. Yeah, okay. Only until LA Noire The Complete Edition goes on sale for $12.49 and you’re adding $13 to your wallet while crying. Check out the full damage report:

The sale took me by surprise. This is the first year in a while I actually had well…funds to be eRaped by Steam┬áspend on things. It adds up, man. Take a look at what I alone bought in roughly what, 12 days?

Humble Bundle 4 (Threw about $10 down)

Just Cause 2 + all DLC $7.17

Amnesia: The Dark Descent $4.99

Payday: The Heist $9.99

Monday Night Combat $2.49

Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Splinter Cell Conviction Deluxe $8.73

Fallout 3 GOTY Edition $7.49

Rock of Ages, Bastion $7.58

Dungeon Defenders $3.74

All of Shogun 2’s DLC $5.77

Universe Sandbox $2.49

Deus Ex: Human Revolution $16.99

Hitman Blood Money, LA Noire Complete $14.98

Trine $0.99

Portal 1+2 (bought one for me, gifted another) $17.48

That’s a total of $120.88

Let alone if you include the GTA complete pack and Total War complete pack I bought during the Black Friday sale.

Then it’s a total of $145.86

Fuck off, Steam. You’ve done your damage. Let alone others of AUN. Ryan spent like $90, for example. Let alone people I’ve been talking to around the internet. One bro dropped almost $800 between gifting and buying for himself. I don’t even blame him. I blame you, Steam. Now let me play my hot deals in peace while I cry in a corner.


About The Author: Brett

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