Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire 3DS Remakes Announced

Today Nintendo announced that full fledged remakes of the classic Ruby and Sapphire will be hitting the 3DS and 2DS this November. Named Pokemon Omega Ruby and Sapphire, Nintendo promises fresh takes on the 2003 titles. The games took place in the Hoenn region which was a big deal back then before there were 40,000 different […]

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Pokemon Bank Now Available Worldwide

Yesterday, (Feb 5) Nintendo launched Pokemon Bank in North America. The release was the last of the major markets and comes a day after the European release of the program. Pokemon Bank was originally scheduled to be released in December of 2013, but the popularity of the program upon initial release in Asia caused Nintendo […]

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Pokemon X & Y Review

Get excited, Pokemaniacs, because a new generation of Pokemon is finally here.  Pokemon X & Y for the 3DS bring you all the core concepts of Pokemon that gamers  know and love, as well as adding some new features, and even bringing back some old ones that were omitted from the previous generation. While the […]

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