Games With Gold for September 2014

The Games With Gold games for the month of September have finally been revealed!      Microsoft announced today that starting on September 1st until September 16th, you can download Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine for free on the Xbox Live marketplace for the Xbox 360. Immediately after that, on September 16 through the 30th, […]

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Games You Should Care About: Dishonored

So I think while we’re all caught up in the upcoming Fall lineup, I haven’t heard almost anybody talk about Arkane Studios’ new game published by a little company called Bethesda: Dishonored. The game looks to be one of the most exciting (and fun) games for fans of stealth action and lovers of Bioshock and the Elder Scrolls […]

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Bethesda’s new game Dishonored revealed

Coming on the cover of this August’s Game Informer is a brand new game called Dishonored from Bethesda. Dishonored is a first person steathy action adventure game. Bethesda is known for picking games up and showing the world what smaller developers can do and they’ve thrown all tons of talent at this one, Harvey smith, […]

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