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By Brett On 31 Jul, 2014 At 07:02 PM | Categorized As Gaming News, Xbox One | With 1 Comment

Electronic Arts has revealed a new program coming exclusively to Xbox One titled “EA Access.” A successor to last year’s “EA Season Ticket” experiment, EA Access brings much, much more to the table. Basically, Access acts like a Netflix-type service for EA’s library. Launching with a beta, Access is a dedicated Xbox One app that […]

By Brett On 27 May, 2014 At 12:15 PM | Categorized As E3 2014, Gaming News, PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With 0 Comments

Thanks in part to EA for accidentally blogging about it early and some digging by Battlefield Daily, the newest title in EA’s Battlefield series is called Battlefield: Hardline, an apparent police-themed game coming from not DICE, but Visceral Games, the developers behind the excellent Dead Space series. Hardline will be the first Battlefield title not handled by DICE.   Battlefield: Hardline is once […]

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By Dan On 15 Apr, 2013 At 11:04 AM | Categorized As Gaming News, PlayStation 3, Videos, Xbox 360 | With 0 Comments

EA sports has revealed the official trailer for their next installment of the NHL series, NHL 14. The new trailer mixes a lot of real footage of the real NHL games mixed in with gameplay from NHL 14. They are trying to show that they can recreate what you’re seeing in the real NHL games. […]

By Brett On 8 Apr, 2013 At 11:02 AM | Categorized As Everything Else, Gaming News | With 0 Comments

Over the weekend, I decided to give Prometheus a watch because, well, it’s pretty much the best blu-ray release all year (Avengers is up there) and because I thought it was generally a good movie. While I was watching it, I noticed the similarities to Alien (duh) and just like those movies, how similar the Dead Space universe is. After […]

By Brett On 27 Mar, 2013 At 09:39 AM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, PlayStation 3, Playstation 4, Videos, Xbox 360 | With 0 Comments

So last night EA decided to throw a big press event for Battlefield 4 where they showed off 17 minutes of gameplay, revealing the new Frostbite 3 engine in the process. After that demo, Frostbite 3 is going to be an unbelievable engine. Some of the graphics and moments in that gameplay are insane. The facial animations […]

By Brett On 19 Feb, 2013 At 03:05 PM | Categorized As PC, PlayStation 3, Reviews, Xbox 360 | With 0 Comments

It feels like it was much longer, but it was just two years ago that we got our hands on Dead Space 2, the sequel to the surprise hit. With shocking twists, scary as hell scenery, and top-notch survival horror gameplay, it was definitely one of the best games of the year. Ending on somewhat […]

By Nate On 31 Jan, 2013 At 02:07 PM | Categorized As Gaming News, PC, PlayStation 3, Videos, Xbox 360 | With 0 Comments

Battlefield 3 has been out for well over a year now, and has continued to wow us at every turn.  Earlier today Dice kept the ball rolling with the new trailer for Battlefield 3: Endgame, the next and final Battlefield 3 expansion pack.     This new trailer has the classic Battlefield signature to it, […]

By Brett On 17 Oct, 2012 At 02:01 PM | Categorized As Gaming News, PC | With 0 Comments

So as it gets closer and closer (sort of) to SimCity‘s release date, more and more trailers are being shown. Honestly, with everything I’ve seen of this game so far I could see it being a legitimate contender for game of the year in 2013. Between this and Rome II Total War, 2013 is going to be an […]

By Nate On 9 Oct, 2012 At 11:47 PM | Categorized As Gaming News, Xbox 360 | With 0 Comments
Medal of Honor Warfighter

Last Thursday the Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta went live for the Xbox 360. Unfortunately, that means that any of you on PC or PlayStation 3 will have to wait until the retail version of the game is released to get into the action. Medal of Honor Warfighter is an upcoming game that takes advantage […]