NVIDIA Announces Titan Z Graphics Card

Just when you thought the Titan Black graphics card was the peak of graphical power, NVIDIA has one upped itself by announcing the GeForce GTX TITAN Z, the future of graphics cards. Now here’s some mumbo jumbo that only those in the know will really understand, The GTX TITAN Z is built around two GK110 […]

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Holiday Gift Guide For PC Gamers

Gamers are some of the toughest people to buy gifts for, especially when you’re not exactly well versed in the gaming world, but with the help of New England Gamer’s Holiday Gift Guide for PC Gamers you’ll be able to give your gamer exactly what they want this holiday season. The holiday season is great […]

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How to Play League of Legends – Episode 1

The first video in a series of videos features Dan teaching you guys how to play League of Legends. League of Legends is the most popular free to play game on PC and that means it’s extremely competitive. If you walk in blind, you might get frustrated and never play again. So Dan is here […]

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