Elder Scrolls Online Dropping Subscriptions

Earlier this morning Bethesda Softworks announced that they would be dropping their subscription model from The Elder Scrolls Online starting March 17, 2015. Despite what many other news sources are reporting, this will not make the game Free-to-Play, but rather, players will only have to buy the initial copy of ESO and will no longer […]

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The Witcher 3 PC Requirements Revealed

Just in case you didn’t know, CD Projekt Red’s most anticipated title The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is set to release on May 9th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC with the latter being one of the most anticipated because of the popularity of The Witcher 2. With the game making a complete jump to the […]

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Steelseries Announces Sentry Eye Tracker

Steelseries might be a familiar name for you if you’re a PC gamer, they’re the gaming peripheral company that has been providing PC gamers with the latest and greatest keyboards, mice, controllers, and now a brand new type of technology that tracks your eyes during gaming sessions. Steelseries’ Sentry aims to enhance the streaming and […]

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