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By Christine Whitman On 31 Aug, 2014 At 01:24 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Reviews | With 0 Comments

First person shooters are practically everywhere we look, and let’s be honest, they’re practically all the same. Lovely Planet, however, is something new and different that has me hooked. Developed by QuickTequila Computer Video Games, this FPS is wacky and colorful in all the right ways. When I opened the game I was not prepared […]

By Will Philbrook On 12 Aug, 2014 At 01:52 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Reviews, Tech | With 0 Comments

I’ve often heard the old adage that you should spend the most money on that which separates you from the ground. Tires, beds, shoes; all of these items take the biggest beating and thus should be of the highest quality. For gamers, this old phrase is equally true in regards to the hardware in which […]

By Dan On 24 Jul, 2014 At 02:22 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Reviews, Tech, Videos | With 0 Comments
The BenQ RL2460HT

One of the most important pieces of equipment any PC user will need is a monitor, and to your surprise there’s actually a huge difference between the ones packaged in with your Dell’s and HP’s compared to ones by companies like BenQ. You might ask yourself, “but what’s the difference?” Well, you’ve come to the […]

By Dan On 19 May, 2014 At 11:23 AM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Playstation 4, Reviews, Tech | With 1 Comment
HyperX Cloud headset _black_ _Cloud-headset-side_08_04_2014 01_35

When I’m in the market for a gaming headset there are a few things that I look for. The first is quality, the second would be comfort, and finally I’ll look at the price. If you’ve been looking at headsets like I have, the HyperX Cloud might have not come up on your radar and […]

By Dan On 1 May, 2014 At 03:21 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Reviews, Tech | With 2 Comments

If you’re looking to really get into PC gaming there are some things you’re going to need to beef up that old system you’ve got. Some of the first things you might think about would be a new processor, or maybe an updated video card, but one thing people tend to forget about is the […]

By Will Philbrook On 29 Apr, 2014 At 12:52 AM | Categorized As Gaming News, PC, Reviews | With 0 Comments

These days, you can find a simulator for anything. Anything from Trains to Agriculture and even Goats are the focus in an oddly emerging genre. Today, we look at a game that simulates the life and times of a boar. But not any ordinary boar. this boar happens to be going Full Bore: Into Hard Earth. […]

By Ashley On 12 Apr, 2014 At 09:29 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, Reviews, Xbox 360 | With 1 Comment

I have so much to say about this game that I needed a way to control myself, so I have broken this Dark Souls 2 review into simple chunks so that you won’t need to sift through me rambling about how in love I am with it. I have also done my best to keep […]

By James On 13 Mar, 2014 At 06:12 PM | Categorized As 3DS, Featured, Gaming News | With 0 Comments

Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy is the latest and final chapter in the Professor Layton series developed by Level-5 games. Yes, it’s true that this is the last Layton game to grace the shelves of our local game stores and it will certainly leave behind its own legacy as being one of the more […]

By Dan Courtney On 18 Feb, 2014 At 10:48 PM | Categorized As Featured, Gaming News, PC, Reviews | With 0 Comments

Might and Magic X: Legacy is the newest iteration in the long-running Might and Magic franchise originally developed by New World Computing back when I was but a twinkle in my dad’s eye, but now developed by Limbic Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. As the name subtly implies, the game is a fantasy RPG involving […]

By Ashley On 30 Jan, 2014 At 10:46 AM | Categorized As Gaming News, Reviews, Tech, Xbox 360, Xbox One | With 0 Comments
plus controllers

One of my controllers recently started giving me problems, so I was given a new custom Xbox 360 controller for the holidays. The controller was purchased at Controller Plus, a website that allows its customers to create a custom look for Xbox controllers. Before I begin actually reviewing my controller, I want to give you […]