Steam Controller Announced

The third and final announcement in the series of announcements by Valve is finally here and guess what? It’s a brand new…. Controller? This comes as a huge surprise, in fact I was so ready for an announcement of a game specific to the Steam Box hardware, I never even considered the idea of a […]

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Steam Box Announced

If you’ve been keeping track of the Steam Living Room page you would have seen a second countdown that has finally culminated in the announcement for a few different Steam boxes. Mentioned in the first living room article valve announced their Steam OS which can be installed on any PC, but just like when Google (maker […]

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Valve’s Steam TV Beta Starts Today

Your steam games are now about to be played in Valve’s “Big Picture Mode” on your home television. And it’s sure to be glorious! Kotaku has reported that Valve’s new “Big Picture Mode” is a new interface for steam thats designed specifically for your television. Optimizations have been made to support controllers as well as […]

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