The Playstation 4 Has Been Revealed

During tonight’s PlayStation meeting, the future of gaming was¬†immediately the topic of choice, and the announcement of the PS4 was not far behind. Sony has turned the console on it’s head, making sure that nothing comes between the platform and the game, making sure that players are sucked into the worlds they are playing in. […]

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The Most Anticipated Games of 2013

We’re now a week into 2013, and with that comes a whole new year of games to drool over and gawk at in various different ways. ¬†So which ones are we excited for? We took the results of our 2012 readers poll and added them to our own choices to bring you our list for […]

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Ubisoft Demos Brand New IP, Watch Dogs

This game was just shown off about fifteen minutes ago and blew away everybody who was watching. Basically the concept of the game is there is a central operating system that controls invidual cities. On a similar plot to Live Free or Die Hard, what would happen if someone were to hack into this? Traffic […]

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