Techland Invites Modders to Start Modding Dying Light

A week or so back there were rumblings of Techland shutting down mods and issuing DMCA’s against Youtubers playing the game which resulted in some angry fans who had purchased the PC version of Dying Light. But They’ve come back and announced that this wasn’t intentional and have actually invited the community to come share some ideas to mod Techlands latest release. The modding community does something extremely special to games, it makes them playable far after the allure of a *NEW* game being released. I mean, let’s look at a game like Skyrim, which released in 2011. That game is still extremely popular among the modding community because they can still push the boundaries of the game by creating texture packs, extra quests and tons of custom items. Well, Techland is no stranger to this with Call of Juarez 2 and Dead Island being some of the most popular titles to gain the attention of the modding community.

Techland has announced that they are working on some modding tools and until they are completed, they invite the community to submit their ideas, no matter how crazy to their official discussion boards. They say that after the tools are officially released, they plan to support the best mods created by the community. There are already some great ideas floating around the forum and if you have some great ideas, go on and start posting!

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