The Game that Encourages Screen Cheating

Think back to the days of sitting on the couch with three of your best friends playing games like Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Mario Kart, or even Twisted Metal you’ll probably have some fond memories. But taking a deeper look, you might hold some grudges against some of those friends for looking at your screen to figure out where you are. This is known as screen cheating.

Normally, this is something I wouldn’t stand for, but the team over at Samurai Punk have come up with an idea to make a game that relies on screen cheating as a mechanic. And now we have, Screen Cheat, the up to 8 player online and local first person shooter where if you don’t screen cheat, you’re going to lose.

So here’s the deal, you’re first person and all your opponents are invisible. So you have to look at their screen to see where they are to get kills. This is an interesting concept that will be sure to make for some fun times. Now you’re probably asking yourself, how this works online, and it solves this by placing the view of the person who is playing online, on your screen. So you see their screen just as if they were playing with you locally.

Screen Cheat features ten weapons that range from a Blunderbuss to a car engine. All ready to one shot your enemies. There are nine different game modes to play on 11 different maps that really change things up from the standard Deathmatch, to a game similar to Clue which requires to you kill a specific target with a specific weapon.

Check out this video to really get the idea of how cool this game is. Hopefully this will signal a resurgence of gaming on the couch with all your best friends.

About The Author: Dan

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