The Razer Edge Makes A Comeback at CES 2013

Looking back to last year’s CES you might have heard a little something about a device by the tech company Razer and their “Project Fiona.” It was one of those handheld gaming device with the dual analog sticks that seemed pretty awesome. But like most of the things that come out of CES, it went away and nobody heard anything else about it for a long time. Well it looks like Project Fiona has made a comeback at this year’s CES and it has come with a new name, the Razer Edge.

Razer Edge sticks
The Razer Edge tablet on the dual analog sticks backing

            Razer offered quite a bit of input from consumers on what this gaming device should be and it ranged from the physical look of the device to the specs and Razer has said the Razer Edge will be “the most powerful tablet in the world.” The Razer Edge will have a 10.1” multitouch screen, a USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0 and even runs on a full copy of Windows 8. Like most things these days, the Edge will launch with two different configurations dubbed the Razer Edge and the Razer Edge Pro. The original puts my old gaming laptop to shame with Core i5, 4 gigs of DDR3 ram, a 64 gig solid state hard drive, and an Nvidia GT640M LE graphics card. The “Pro” configuration doubles up the ram to 8 gigs and has an option for either a 128 gig or 256 gig solid state hard drives.

Razer Edge - keyboard
The Razer Edge with the keyboard accessory

Just like any other device the Razer Edge will have a slew of accessories that aim to give gamers a choice in how they interact with the new gaming device. This includes the ability to add a keyboard or even a gamepad. This allows people to use this tablet like a PC or console which makes it more accessible. One of the more interesting accessories is what Razer has called the “home console dock” which in essence turns the Edge into a home console like your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3. The Razer Edge will be able to run steam and has been said to work well with their new “Big Picture mode”. The Edge will be able to run windows games like Skyrim and Dishonored and even MMO’s which means all you WoW fans have another device to get your fix on.

Razer Edge - Steambox
The Razer Edge playing steam’s Big Picture mode

The Razer Edge is said to be shipping in the first quarter of 2013 starting at $999. Razer also plans to offer a bundle that includes a Pro configuration and a gamepad controller.

This seems like an extremely interesting piece of technology but I’m doubtful that the pricing will allow it to sell as many as Razer wants. But like all gaming devices I’m extremely interested to see how the public perceives it.

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