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We all know about Kickstarter and how people have been using it to create some awesome things. Things like the OUYA console, Doublefine’s new game, countless accessories and devices for the iPhone and iPad. But, because this is New England Gamer I wanted to highlight some games that should definitely make you think twice about skipping Kickstarter when finding new games. Now let it be known that I have had a negative thought about Kickstarter especially after Doublefine was trying to fund their game. Turning kickstarter in to a glorified pre-order system. I want Kickstarter to continue to thrive, but I want it to be done by people who truly cannot afford  to put their game out. But I digress.

First up on our top 3 Kickstarter games you should fund is “Road Redemption”. This game is a at its core a remake to the Road Rash series on the original PlayStation. You are barreling down the road on your motorcycle when people start attacking you with weapons. So what do you do? Attack back! Road Redemption brings Road Rash back in to the current generation with the Unity engine. Adding physics and greater fidelity in a genre that has been away for over ten years.The team over at DarkSeas games is looking to make its way on to Steam Greenlight and needs your help to raise $160,000 to get Road Redemption off the ground. With 23 days left and already reaching almost $50,000 pledged in under a week they are almost a third of the way there. Road Redemption is currently planned for PC, OSX, and Linux with stretch goals to get on to Xbox live and the PlayStation network.

Now let’s talk about the rewards and like always there’s the lowest pledge of $2 or more that gets you supporter status, but what i’d recommend is pledging at least $15 and that secures you a copy of the game. Or if you just can’t wait to get your hands on it, pledge $30 or more and gain access to the closed beta!

For more information about Road Redemption and to fund their project visit them here

Next up is a game that has been getting some praise from the games press all around the world. “Among the Sleep” is a first person horror adventure game from the perspective of a Two year old. The guys and gals over at Krillbite studios, based out of Norway, have been hard at work creating a truly scary game from a child’s perspective. After viewing the video they had submitted to Kickstarter  I immediately was reminded of the great horror games of the past and how none of them did things quite like Among the Sleep is. Playing as a Two year old child adds danger to things that would otherwise be forgotten like traversing the outside and even adds some interesting platforming  as you climb the dresser drawers. After only one day the kickstarter has over $28,000 pledged towards their $200,000 goal. Go ahead and watch the video and try to tell me you aren’t interested.  If you pledge$5 or more you gain access to their exclusive backer forum  along with a wallpaper and a thank you from the team. But, if you jump in quickly you can receive a digital copy of Among the Sleep at the price of $15 this is limited to the first 1,000 people.  But if you just can’t wait, you can pledge $100 and gain access to the exclusive alpha test, get two copies of the game for yourself and a friend. Sites around the web like Joystiq, Eurogamer, and Kotaku have expressed interest in Among the Sleep and it’s sure to be an amazing game when it launches. Among the Sleep plans to launch on PC, OSX, and Linux and are currently discussing coming to consoles. For more information about Among the Sleep check out their Kickstarter page here:

The final game on our list of Kickstarter games you should fund is “Survival Games” After viewing the video that Gazido Games had placed on the Kickstarter page you can tell it was created to re-create the movie The Hunger games. The idea behind this game is that you and 23 other players face off in an arena and fight to the death. You can create and break alliances in the game to try to keep yourself alive, or to backstab. Survival games features different player types that changes the attributes that you will have from categories such as melee combat, stealth, archery, crafting, medicine, and more. Depending on what you do you can earn scavenger points for performing certain tasks like getting First Blood, setting a trap and more. You can then use these scavenger points to buy supplies that you’ll need throughout the game. The idea of the Hunger Games was an interesting idea and ever since I had read the books, I was always curious why they never tried to make a movie tie in game, as much as I hate those. It’s a truly interesting concept and I’m excited to see what the guys over at Gazido Games will come up with once they reach their funding goal. currently, Survival Games is just under $2,500 with 25 days to go, If you enjoyed the The Hunger Games movie and books you might want to pledge.

You can pledge $1 to get an exclusive wallpaper and the warm feeling that you are helping a game come to life. But, if you want to get in the game you can pledge $15 and gain access to the closed beta which also turns in to the full game upon its release.  If you want it even faster, you can pledge $75 and gain access to the Alpha and you also get three free map packs. They aim to release on PC, OSX, and Linux and will be looking into Oculus rift support as a stretch goal of $70,000. If you would like to learn more, or even pledge some cash, you can check out the Kickstarter page here:

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