Valve Finally Reveals Meet The Pyro, Free Crazy Awesome Movie Making Tool

Wow. So for those of you who actively play Team Fortress 2 and are involved in the community, you know about the “Meet the…” videos that have been happening over the last 5 years. For this whole time, everybody has wondered about the Pyro, a character shredded in complete mystery. Well, today was the end of the ongoing “Pyromania” event in TF2 where the Pyro would finally get his video, ending the series. I think you’ll find it almost as disturbing as I did. Not to mention it’s going to really change how pyro players view their character…yeesh. What’s most intriguing is at the end, the video revealed “Made with Source Filmmaker.” Guess what Source Filmmaker is? Oh, just the tool that Valve made to make ALL of their crazy cinematic videos over the past five years. It’s been top secret and today it was revealed. The second video showcases how it works. It’s absolutely insane. It’s like a movie capture tool on crack. You can go into a scene and edit any little detail about it. Imagine in Halo when you were editing your videos if you could go back during edit and change anything in the scene. Add props, change facial expressions, etc. It’s all in there. So there you have it, all of these absurd cutscenes have been made using a user-friendly movie making tool that you can now use. Yeah. You heard me. Source Filmmaker will be available later this year for everybody. For free. What.

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