Walking Dead Episode 1 Now FREE!

walking deadSuck it, everyone who’s ever paid for anything.  That seems to be the theme Microsoft is putting out to it’s customers lately given that recently a glitch involving Halo 4 resulted in Crimson Map Pack being available for free.  This time around, Telltale Games is giving away Episode 1 of their Walking Dead games for free on XBLA.  While the glitch with Halo 4 was played off as a “promotional trial” that resulted in Microsoft revoking (for all intents and purposes) legally purchased map packs,  Telltale Games is playing for keeps, letting players in the US and UK download the game free for a limited time.  For fans of the show and graphic novel who haven’t played the games yet, this is a great time to check them out, and for those of you who aren’t, it’s a free game. Regardless of your feelings towards the series, you can’t argue with free, and that’s why you should all go download the game now!

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