Why Games Make Us Murderers: A Serial Killer Who Plays Skyrim (Video)

Yeah man. I don’t mean like, a serial killer inside the game. I’m talking about an actual serial killer in real life. Want to know why? This video. Bro has his house stocked head to toe full of various dead wenches. Really? No man, that’s not creepy. Totally okay. Especially how there’s just headless bodies posed all over the house with their heads all sitting neatly on a shelf entitled, “trophies.” They’ve executed motherfuckers in real life for less than this shit. I guess people hoard stuff in Skyrim, why not? Pile your house full of all those useless bowls, forks and what have you. But not the girls. I give it two months until me and everybody around here have our heads charred upside down in a giant bucket because this crazy asshole thought it was in the video game and blew real fire in our face. I’m just sayin’. To cap it all off the video is titled, “Skyrim sex life.” Yeah, really helping your case there hoss.


About The Author: Brett

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