Will the PlayStation 4 Support 4K Resolution?

“4K” a term that Sony used about a billion times during their CES keynote. They are trying to bring 4K blu-ray players and screens in to households. But what does this mean for their next gaming console? 

For those who don’t know 4K is a resolution much like HD, only better. Current resolutions of HD are a minimum of 720p this means 720 lines of pixels and it currently tops out at 1080p which is better. Well 4K is 4096 lines of pixels. The more the better right? This allows for giant screens to have so much detail. The Sony PlayStation 3 is capable of blu-ray which was brand new when the console came out, but will the next console have the capability of outputting 4K?

Like I stated earlier Sony used the term 4K about a billion times during their CES keynote and it leads me to believe that yes, they will be trying to get the PS4 to output 4K. This could make the PS4 the best graphically capable console of next generation.

About The Author: Dan

I'm Dan, and i'm the Editor-In-Chief for New England Gamer. I have a passion for gaming, and hockey and I strive to bring you guys the best news, previews, and reviews on the net.

  • kain

    highly unlikely theres no graphics card at the moment that can suport such a resolution and the frames would be horrible even with dual gpus and 8 cells

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

      true if they were hell they would cost like $1000

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=687142427 John Mascaro

      PS3 games won’t support 1080p but that didn’t stopped Sony and microsoft to tell that it will. I think with the PS4 we can expect 4k blurays, tru  1080p gaming and a 4K upscale to go with it

    • Zeoxzy

      i think the question is, are there any displays that support 4k?

      • Mikehenrick

         yes,   a few but more are about to come out,

    • Zach

      Sorry but that’s not accurate. 

    • Mikehenrick

      are your sure about that comment,  do a google search,  and check them out,   would be stupid to release a games console that is obsolete in a couple of years,       i know whats coming out for the next few years and that would be dumb….  

  • usrev2

    the PS4 won’t use cell… i doubt it will support 4k either.
    to run the witcher 2 at max settings at 60FPS  you need  a nvidia 590 dual gpu to even have a chance. thats at 1080p, with 4k it would need 4 of those in sli  i would presume.

    chances are it will be 2160p capable, but few games will probably use it. remmember they are playing on TV’s which are a step behind PC monitors in resolution. but they usually have the ability to jump on board, such as with 3d.

    • Styler

      Äh stupid?
      You can max out Witcher 2 already with a 460 GTX…
      A PC for about 1000$ at the releasetime could do that – That PC can even run BF3 on Max Settings.
      An 2600k Processor and a 460GTX(well its wasted for that processor but you could) and you can run EVERYTHING on Max Details till the end of this Gen.

  • Guest

    Even if they will – it won’t matter. Currently only professional artists have such resolution displays and the are very expensive. No consumer support on that front and therefore no interest to buy as many haven’t even switched to HD yet.

    Plus if they continue to use Cell they will be the laughing stock of the industry as NOBODY likes that architecture. Not using it means no backwards compatibility and the demise of the PS3 in a flash. Both options are very problematic.

    • Chris Hemstad

      Are you an idiot? Nobody likes Cell? Is that why the current line of Intel Processors (the Core i series) is basically a cell processor. It has one main thread and 4 helper threads (the Core i5 does anyways). And the Core i7 is 1 main thread and 6 helper threads. You SERIOUSLY need to do  your research before typing.

      • RobertdeVries

        Sounds more like you’re the idiot here. Ffirstly for calling names in the first sentence – makes you look like a dumb PoS3 fanboy. Secondly You’re talking outta your ass. Core i tech is NOTHING like Cell technology. It even says so on the Wiki pages everywhere. ARE YOU THAT DUMB of are you just trying to brainwash people with bullshit like Sony does (and clearly succeeded with you) ???

      • Ccooke

        You have absolutely no clue what you are talking about.  The Core i7 is FOUR cores with FOUR logical cores because of hyperthreading. Don’t ever open your mouth about technology when you have NO idea what you are talking about.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=687142427 John Mascaro

    You want to give a 4K example: Digital Theaters, In these theaters the resolution is not 1080p but 4K

    • Anonymous

      Even most theatres are still at a measly 2K which is only a hair above 1080p.

  • CM

    Most of the games at the moment are only “sub-HD” The next gen consoles might support true 1080p resolution but there’s no way they will support 4K

    • http://www.facebook.com/T.Gr33n Tefoine TGreen Boro Nelson

      that doesn’t make sense what affect would that have? look at wii to wiiu, from 480p to full 1080p. sony is always a step up from nintendo at these things and like to make gaming consoles support what they’re other divisions support. there is a very high chance of it

      • Anonymous

        It’s not as simple as “Sony innovates so they could do this”. Even ultra high end PCs only render at about half this resolution. An console that ran games in this resolution would cost thousands of dollars. There is a big difference between viewing a photo in 4K resolutions and rendering game graphics.

        • http://www.facebook.com/T.Gr33n Tefoine TGreen Boro Nelson

          do some research

      • Anonymous

        “there is a very high chance of it”
        There is literally no chance of it.

        Games still don’t run 1080p as standard yet – and the processing power required to output at 4K in “real time” would cost more than 4 launch PS3s.  Not worth it.  Make 1080p standard, and if 4K takes off and becomes less of a resource hog, then it might make sense – until then, it’s a pipe dream.

        • Zeoxzy

          but when the ps3 came out, pc’s that played games with those graphics cost $/£1000+, so i think there probably is a chance 4k will get some kind of support in a ps4.

        • http://www.facebook.com/T.Gr33n Tefoine TGreen Boro Nelson

          you know what. that doesn’t make sense. Sony is known for supporting all there products with each other. sony started working with LCD, psp was lcd. sony starts working with oled, ps vita is oled, sony starts working with dvds, ps2 is a dvd player, sony works with hd ps3 1080p highest hd at the point, ps1 sony is a major music company so it plays cds. 

          now to debunk your reason… 
          your statement is dumb. alot of games run in full hd. you want to know why it’s a issue? No one had 1080p tvs when this started but only 720p and xbox only supported 720p so to even it out. games were made like that, and game engines where made for work on 720p. if you notice any game with a dedicated engine to that specific gamev has no problem (final fantasy, gt, gow) etc. and fact is.. it supports it already. and sony like to always put there newest supported tech in consoles. it might just for showing movie for all i know but there is a 80% chance of it. 
          and trust me im good with predictions, i literally guessed all vita’s mem card prices ahead of time by using factual gaming data on prices between NA and Japan. also the game prices.

  • Amin Amin

    I do not know if one GPU will be able to output that, perhaps they need to add more GPUs (I remember some older workstation computers had to do that when one graphics card could not fully output a certain resolution, so multiple graphics cards were used. One would provide half the image while the other would provide the other half). I expect if Sony does want to go this way, it will be very expensive and we do not know how it will effect performance. On the plus side it would be a good way for them capitalize on the technology for their TV department.

    I think Sony should perhaps not do this yet, it would be best to wait for the components to mature. Instead I believe they should take a step back and provide hardware that has the ability to do 1080P on a larger variety of titles in a smoother manner (some specific areas they should concentrate on is frame rate and texture quality), and they should also focus on more gameplay innovations as well (controller innovations, making the hardware versatile enough for better AI programming).

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nazear-Alkohaif/1678803689 Nazear Alkohaif

    Hell yea! Insta win vs Xbox 720

  • Anonymous

    This isn’t at all about trying to develop games in 4K.  They’ll only be native 1080p next time around, and the 4K technology would be appealing on the multimedia side of things.  If Sony really tries to push 4K TVs into the market by 2013, then a device that upscales 1080p and is ready for native 4K video could do well.  What would have happened to Blu-ray if the PS3 hadn’t pushed the market in that direction?  If it’s done right, Sony could do the same for 4K tech.  As long as compatible TVs are on the market in the next couple of years this is a real possibility.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they’ve been working with new tech. Maybe they’ve been researching a more profitable or hardware safe way in producing extremely performance heavy GPUs. Who knows. All I know is Sony’s always looking to revolutionize, so if they’ve been working on some ultra GPU with billions of dollars they don’t have, then more power to them.

  • LBDz
  • Anonymous

    It’ll no doubt support Quad-HD (Quad-HD is a much better choice, actual 4K would be a stupid, fragmenting move). But it’ll only support it for the main UI, Video Playback & Photo Viewing I bet. 

    Regarding 4K/QHD: A full Quad-HD frame is 3840x2160p (exactly 4x1080p). A full (widescreen) 4K frame is 4096x2304p, 4K on Home TVs (especially 4096x2160p variants) would be a really dumb move. I’m hoping 4K is merely a marketing term and not a literal one for all TVs; the industry has a habit of digging itself holes with poor standardisation, for home-consumer displays the only logical choice is 3840x2160p.

  • http://www.lazyassgamer.com/ LAG

    WTF is this 4k?!?! It sounds magical.

    • Arthur Klucznik

      isnt 4k meant to be for large screens i.e cinema? at the moment 720p and 1080p isnt much of a difference on 32″-42″ tv. the larger the screen the better a higher res but “normal” people have a 32″-60″ tv at home and i dont think we will be able to spot the difference between 4k and 1080p on those sizes.

  • someone

    I bet it will. sony said once their 4k tvs come out ps3 will get a system update to support 4k. I highly doubt that games will be in 4k, but movies could. 

  • joL

    4K is the number of pixel horizontally… So it would be 4096 pixel across.

    It’s still really big…

  • CarReflection

    Maybe the PS4 will be a highbrid of Onlive and highend PC.
    Get the most out of the hardware and have the rest streamed.
    That sounds complicated and it wont happen. LOL

  • Gabriel

    maybe (2560×1440)1440p WQHD. 4k? nah. 4k for movies playback it is possible. anyway pc already runs at 5k+  http://migre.me/7Ee3l

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