Will the PlayStation 4 Support 4K Resolution?

“4K” a term that Sony used about a billion times during their CES keynote. They are trying to bring 4K blu-ray players and screens in to households. But what does this mean for their next gaming console? 

For those who don’t know 4K is a resolution much like HD, only better. Current resolutions of HD are a minimum of 720p this means 720 lines of pixels and it currently tops out at 1080p which is better. Well 4K is 4096 lines of pixels. The more the better right? This allows for giant screens to have so much detail. The Sony PlayStation 3 is capable of blu-ray which was brand new when the console came out, but will the next console have the capability of outputting 4K?

Like I stated earlier Sony used the term 4K about a billion times during their CES keynote and it leads me to believe that yes, they will be trying to get the PS4 to output 4K. This could make the PS4 the best graphically capable console of next generation.

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