Xbox Live Gold Requirement for Apps Removed

After 10,000 years, we’re finally free.

Starting in June, Microsoft will begin offering access to the Xbox Live suite of apps for Xbox and Xbox One owners. Users will no longer need to have an active Xbox Live Gold membership to enjoy their favorite movies on Netflix, keep up with sports on the NFL app, or raise donger to their favorite streamers on Twitch.

This news may come as a surprise to Playstation owners, who have had this capability the entire time. It would be important to note that while many of the Xbox Live apps will now be freely accessible to non-Gold Xbox One owners, access to apps including Twitch Broadcast, Upload Studio, and Skype will still be unavailable to Xbox 360 owners. Luckily, Microsoft has provided this handy chart to figure out what junk you can get for free.

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Don’t fret, Xbox Live Gold master race. Your stalwart towers will be showered in a new round of free games from the Games with Gold and Deals with Gold programs. Coming in June, Gold members on either the 360 or Xbox One will receive a totally free copy of Max: The Curse of Brotherhood and Halo: Spartan Assault. In addition to your newfound digital titles, thrifty gamers can get their hands on Forza 5 and Ryse for “up to 50-75% off. You Gold master race fiends can find out more about these free games and deals inside your newly released, ultra-exclusive, top-of-the-line virtual VIP room.

Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness obviously hasn’t experienced a virtual VIP room.



About The Author: Will Philbrook