Xbox One: Unboxed

I just read an article where someone claimed that they don’t understand the consumer’s interest in watching new products get unboxed. Generally speaking, I don’t watch the opening of a new product if I plan to purchase it. I like the initial opening, my opening to be like a surprise present on Christmas or something.

I mean, we all know that when you open the Xbox One package there will be an Xbox One inside. But the anticipation of digging through all the cardboard and wrapping and slowly enjoying the controllers and smelling that new console smell until finally you reach it. My GOODNESS, I am excited.

This time around, I decided to watch the unboxing of the Xbox One just because. I’m pretty glad I did, because the video (while only about three and a half minutes long) actually provides some good insights on what is included in the package.

Xbox’s own MajorNelson unboxed the day one version of the console in this video. Below, I will explain everything that gets pulled out with some cool information regarding the pieces.

The very first thing that gets pulled out of the box is the Kinect Sensor. This new Kinect has improved voice (four-microphone array) and gesture control, a bigger field of view, and 1080p video.

Second is.. DANANANAAAA! SURPRISE, a headset! This is included in the day one and standard editions of the console. While the sound quality has been improved on this new headset, the new headset allows gamers to wear the padded earpiece on the left or right ear and the mic boom rotates as well as bends. Overall, the headset (which I really just need to say again, is INCLUDED) seems to be an incredible improvement over its predecessor. Even the audio controls are in a much more convenient location, allowing gamers to easily adjust volume controls without getting too distracted from the game.

Xbox One Headset Dongle
There is a special day one xbox controller included in this video that has a chrome D-pad and a “day one” logo. Overall, the controller has over 40 improvements on it and, and MajorNelson exclaims, it’s “HOT!”  And, according to,

When you plug a micro-USB cable into the controller for wired gameplay, the internal radio is actually shut off, transmitting data through the wire. You can even use the controller without batteries in this mode.


A 4K capable HDMI cable, rated for 1080p, 3D and 4K is included in the box as well as the power cord and brick.

The console is unpacked last.

Oh man. Yeah, it looks big and it’s square. But it is also shiny and black and beautiful. I want to touch it.

The front of the Xbox One console features the Blu-ray  drive and power button. There is a “super speed USB 3.0 port” on the side, and the back of the console has the remaining ports: the power port, HDMI output, the optical audio output (S/PDIF), HDMI input, two more super speed USB ports, an IR blaster Kinect port which is used in controlling all of your electronic devices. Inside a 500GB hard drive is found along with an 8-core X86 processor. The Xbox One also supports wired and wireless networks.

You can get your hands on one of these bundles this November.

About The Author: Ashley