Zombie Fan? MMO Fan? Check Out The War Z

Many of you have probably heard about the extremely popular mod of ArmA II called DayZ. The basic jist is you’re a survivor trying to…survive while fending off your fellow human players and zombies. While it’s fun, there’s not really any kind of objective to it. Enter The War Z, a game developed by startup Hammerpoint Interactive.

The concept seemed really cool to me since I first heard about it. We all love that feeling of survival for some reason. People want the zombie apocalypse. Not really sure why because it would pretty much suck. People have a concept that it’d be kind of like Dawn of the Dead and everything would, for the most part, be a fun time of rollerskating through a mall and eating free food. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen/read Cormac McCarthy’s The Road or watched the television adaptation of The Walking Dead but, well, it’d be pretty much like that. The War Z knows this and wants to make it enjoyable because it isn’t actually happening to you.

The War Z is the world’s first zombie survival MMO. I know a ton of people get turned off by hearing “MMO” but stay with me. The game blends the concept of an MMO but makes it into almost a shooter. It’s a new generation of MMO as well. You simply pay for the game once (at three different prices) and everything else for the rest of time is free. No subscriptions. Nothing. You can spend real money on in-game currency to better improve yourself, but where’s the fun in that. I’m talking everything will be available to you after one fee. All new areas, updates, everything, for one price.

The levels are enormous. Each server you play on has areas up to 400 kilometers (that’s 154 freakin’ square miles). As a survivor, the goal is to survive. That’s what also makes this different from other MMOs. There’s no leveling. A veteran and a noob are on the same playing field. The difference is experience and items. Like in a real scenario, the game isn’t just about new weapons and armor. It’s about maybe finding supplies to build your own little camp with your friends to keep other players out. It’s about scavenging for food and water (which your character will constantly need). Besides that, there are no quests made by the developers. The quests are all made by individual players and each player can even set the rewards for completing the quest. They are issued on an in-game message board per server and you accept the quest. Maybe you need some bodyguard work traveling through a known rough part of the map or maybe you just want somebody to guard your camp. The choices are all yours. The interesting part of all this is anything can happen at any time. Who’s to stop me from saying I need a really powerful bodyguard to help me only to catch him off guard and kill him for his supplies? It’s these kind of interactions and player-driven storytelling that are going to make for some really memorable experiences. And yes, you and your buddies can drive vehicles around together.

One of the key things with this game will be friendship and survival. Sure, you can probably do pretty well for yourself hiding from other players and traveling solo. But at some point, that’s going to get dangerous. Especially when you can’t trust a complete stranger at all. The War Z lets players create a group right from day one and automatically all play on the same server together. This way you’re never separated and online gaming doesn’t get all awkward. Players will also have the ability to rent their own servers from the developers themselves right from in the game, with as many private and public slots as they want. All hosting will be done by the developers as well so there’s no need to run your own server. The experience that wants to be brought to the table will also be realism and style. The final build will feature AAA graphics that have the ability to make the game look extra nice, but is also optimized for low end computers. This way everybody can play. If you’re worried about lag, don’t be. These are the same servers and engine that handle War Inc. Battlezone, an online game that hosts 64 players per server across only three data centers with zero lag. The minimum player amount on a server will be 70, with the maximum at 250.

If you want a game that combines FalloutDead Island, a bit of Minecraft, and Call of Duty, look no further than The War Z. The alpha of the game drops in just five days on October 15th, with the beta hitting on Halloween. The full game is expected to drop this Holiday season. How do you get into the beta, you ask? How about the alpha? Buy the game. You can do it right now. If you pay $20, you will gain instant beta access, if you pay $30, you’re in the alpha. You also get a free month of server hosting, $15 worth of in-game currency, and 3 guest keys for the alpha so you and your buddies can join up. $50 gets you legendary status, with 3 guest keys, the alpha, $30 worth of in-game currency and 6 months of server hosting.

While I could see why people are skeptical, don’t be. I think this game is going to be the dream of every zombie fan’s gaming experience. We all want that “building forts and surviving” type game. What better way to do it than by setting it in a zombie world with other humans everywhere? Buy the game right here and have a blast in the alpha. Remember, one fee gets you everything that comes out for the game forever.

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