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Rosewill VIPER Z Gaming Case Review

Rosewill VIPER Z Gaming Case Review  (8.0)

When you’re building a new computer you first think of the components that go inside, the processor, the video card, the ram, and when you’ve finally got that all figured out you throw whatever budget that’s left over into a case. This has been my experience for almost my entire PC building career but it is […]

Rosewill RGB80 Mechcanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Rosewill RGB80 Mechcanical Gaming Keyboard Review  (8.4)

There’s something extremely satisfying about typing on the Rosewill RGB80 that you don’t quite get with your standard membrane switch keyboards. You’ve probably heard the telltale clickity clack that accompanies most mechanical keyboards and wondered, what’s the difference between this and the normal keyboard I already own? It’s simply one of those things that you […]

Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One Review

Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One Review  (8.6)

With a new generation of consoles come new gaming headsets and every company under the sun trying to produce something great. In terms of the Xbox One, it’s been slim pickings. You’ve got the official Xbox Stereo Headset (not that great), a few others, or hook up a PC/360 headset using the adapter. I was […]

SteelSeries Apex M800 Review

SteelSeries Apex M800 Review  (9.3)

The world’s fastest and most customizable gaming keyboard is quite a title to attach to one of your products; and with the release of the Apex M800, SteelSeries is finally able to say it with confidence. SteelSeries has designed the Apex M800 to be the world’s fastest and most customizable mechanical gaming keyboard on the market […]

PAX East 2015: HyperX

PAX East 2015: HyperX

Every year we attend PAX East I make sure to make a stop at the HyperX booth, not only because they have some great things to see including professional gamers and high profile Twitch streamers, but because they’ve got some really great gear. In years past they’ve shown off some great stuff from their high […]

Pax East 2015: SkreensTV

Pax East 2015: SkreensTV

SkreensTV might not be a household name quite yet, but if CEO Marc Todd has anything to say about it SkreensTV will be making its way to your television very soon. So you might be wondering exactly what Skreens TV is, well it’s essentially a way to bring back that picture in picture mode to […]

The Guide to PC Gaming Part 1

The Guide to PC Gaming Part 1

With every new console generation comes a brand new war over which platform is superior, but so many are quick to forget about the PC. Maybe it’s because there isn’t a “PC 2” or some other iterative name or maybe it’s the lack of advertising but it seems that PC’s aren’t even on the radar […]