Kickstarter: Harmonix’s Amplitude

Local dudes Harmonix are passionate about two things: music and games. Between the success of the original Guitar Hero, Rock Band, Dance Central, and new titles such as Chroma and Fantasia: Music Evolved on the horizon, it’s fair to say anything they touch is an instant hit. Back in the day (for all you young people out there), Harmonix made quite the pair of amazing music games respectively called FreQuency and Amplitude on the Playstation 2. A futuristic rhythm game, you jumped between up to six tracks stringing notes together representing various instruments. It was an absolutely addicting blast and for years, fans such as myself have longed for that experience again.

Enter Kickstarter. Harmonix has taken to the now-famous crowd funding website in order to fund a full fledged remake of Amplitude for the Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. Perfecting what the team has learned over the last decade with a great new engine and the beat matching precision of Rock Band, Amplitude would surely be unbelievable.

Between an all new soundtrack, amazing graphics, powerful new systems to run the game on, and an always amazing studio running the show, Amplitude could potentially be one of the best downloadable titles moving forward. But it’s ONLY going to get made if the game hits its goal. This is where YOU come in!

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why Harmonix is asking fans to help crowd fund it since it’s such a great successful studio. Harmonix’s own John Drake wrote up a great blog explaining exactly why Harmonix needs the fans’ help in order to ship this title.

Harmonix needs your help so get out there and help fund something incredibly unique RIGHT HERE!

Check out the video below for all the details. Try to not get too excited after watching the intro and realizing that no, Harmonix is not making a music wrestling game. But still get excited.



About The Author: Brett

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