Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One Review  (8.6)

With a new generation of consoles come new gaming headsets and every company under the sun trying to produce something great. In terms of the Xbox One, it’s been slim pickings. You’ve got the official Xbox Stereo Headset (not that great), a few others, or hook up a PC/360 headset using the adapter. I was doing the latter personally using a pair of Logitech G430s until something finally came out.

Skullcandy has finally released their model, and it’s pretty decent.  The Skullcandy SLYR headset comes in a pretty slick black with an awesome, yet overused bright green for contrast on the ear pieces.  The trademark Skullcandy logo is on both the outside and inside of the ear pieces.  It’s a very pretty headset indeed.


The fit is rather nice, especially for someone (like me) with a bigger head. The green ear pieces are made of foam padding, which while comfortable, does not provide a whole lot of breathing room after a longer amount of time. It definitely felt a little heavy on my head, sort of giving it a “squeezing” feel. Not exactly headache-inducing levels but it was a bit tight even extended. One thing to keep in mind is that the ear pieces are not over-the-ear, but rather cover your ears, if that’s an issue for you. The microphone is able to be hidden away when not in use. While a small touch, I appreciated how simple it was to just raise it or lower it. Some headsets try to extend it out or in, but Skullcandy knows what works best for the modern gamer.

The sound quality is superb. Unlike the official Xbox One stereo headset, Skullcandy has built a headset designed for supporting actual stereo.  I tested games with a lot of surrounding depth such as Grand Theft Auto V and Borderlands: Handsome Collection, along with noise heavy titles like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Forza Horizon 2. Nothing sounded broken up or muzzled. Every noise hit you with a punch. It’s not quite simulated 7.1, but it’s no joke. In Borderlands Handsome Collection, I was able to hear Claptrap’s inability to stay quiet and tell whether he was specifically in front of or behind me. And yes, in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, I could easily hear enemies sneaking up on me. I was extra impressed when I was still able to hear enemies behind me while in party chat. However, it’s worth noting that sound did cut out for me a handful of times for a few seconds. I also tested watching content via Netflix and Sling TV and was pleasantly surprised.
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The chat experience with the Skullcandy Slyr for Xbox One has overall been pretty great. I can hear all my friends loud and clear and get the perfect level between game sounds and voice exactly how I want it. This is largely due to the included GMX-1 Controller-Mounted Mixer. Acting as a new age mixer for the headset, the GMX-1 delivers a fantastic and easy way to balance out the volumes and raise or lower the master. However, there is one specific party chat member who constantly cuts out at random times while the rest of the party could hear them clearly. I’m not sure if this is a bug with the mixer or party chat, but it’s worth noting. The Mixer also features a bright glowing red skull when you are muted, and the buttons are raised. It feels much nicer than the Xbox One headset adapter. Since the mixer and headset are being powered by the controller, I have seen my battery life dip quite a bit. It’s always worth investing in a play and charge kit!

Overall, Skullcandy has made the first great headset for the Xbox One. The sound quality did not fail to disappoint despite some hiccups in chat and game, and the headset is made very well. Skullcandy bought Astro specifically for their gaming headset knowledge and it has paid off. While the headset is wired to the controller, it’s nice to not have to run a separate cable to a mixer any longer. These have replaced my Logitech G430s as my Xbox One headphones. While they could be a bit more comfortable, they’re still a fantastic pair that is built with high quality in mind. They are available in both the black and green and also a special Halo themed model. The black and green retails for $99 and is absolutely worth the money.

The Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One provides the first great gaming headset for the console. At a very reasonable $99, it offers exceptional sound and build quality. However, it could be a bit more comfortable.

Skullcandy SLYR Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Build Quality8.5

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The Skullcandy SLYR for Xbox One was reviewed using a review unit provided by Skullcandy.

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