Tired of Paying $60 for a Single Game?

How would you like to pay $60 for four games instead?  What if we told you that those games didn’t even suck?  No way this is possible right?  Wrong.  Enter, Rockstar Games Collection Edition 1. Releasing November 6th in North America for Xbox 360 and PS3, Rockstar will release Red Dead Redemption, L.A. Noire, Grand Theft Auto: […]

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L.A. Noire only $19.99 (360)

Yep. If you haven’t gotten a chance to play L.A. Noire, now is your chance. Amazon is running a sale on the Xbox 360 version for only $19.99   Yeah, it’s cheap.  So now you have no reason to not try this game. I mean, just check out our review of L.A. Noire here! Amazon – […]

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AUNcast Podcast Episode 7

Well, here it is. Hot off the presses, it’s the seventh episode of the AUNcast Podcast. Brett and Dan talk about the Mass Effect 2 giveaway, LA Noire, the dungeon siege 3 demo, predictions for the big three (Microsoft,Sony,Nintendo) at E3, NHL 12 news and some sweet deals. Once again, you can stream it here […]

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